TLC Engineering for Architecture Corrosion Control Assessment and Design

CONSULEX® provided corrosion control and protective coating expertise to TLC Engineering for Architecture (TLC) in support of a facility condition assessment and repair design for the 25-acre open-air Spectrum Stadium at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando, FL. This included providing a highly-qualified inspection and design team consisting of corrosion engineers, NACE Certified inspectors, and SSPC Certified coating specialists.

The site inspection and assessment included a comprehensive survey to characterize the corrosive environment, identify corrosion activity, evaluate performance of existing protective coatings systems, and determine lessons learned based on current systems and maintenance practices. Based on the field survey, corrosion engineers prepared a corrosion and coatings condition assessment report that included a background study, a discussion of observations and findings, testing methodology, a discussion on problem areas and lessons learned, photos, and a conclusion and recommendations for coating systems refurbishment/replacement (including options).

Getting the Job Done

The CONSULEX® project scope included development of the protective coating specification section and related requirements to assist the client with the Request for Proposal. Technical staff members provided general corrosion and protective coating guidance in support of the overall project design.