Jacobs Technology Coatings/Corrosion Program Management – Kennedy Space Center

CONSULEX® provides corrosion control program support to Jacobs Technology at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) under continuous contract since 1999 (formerly with United Space Alliance-USA). The company provides corrosion engineers, NACE Certified Inspectors, and the BASE.COAT® corrosion program management software in support of Jacobs’ corrosion control program. USA’s program encompassed more than 3,500 physical components, 5,000,000 square feet of exposed surface area and an average annual corrosion program budget of more than $10,000,000. The corrosion program components are part of the launch complexes, support facilities, and ground support equipment formerly part of the NASA Space Shuttle program. Jacobs has continued with ongoing software support for continuation of the program.

CONSULEX® performed the condition surveys of all program components and made recommendations to USA’s management with respect to required work and estimated costs. CONSULEX® staff members were responsible for collecting and managing the corrosion, coating and condition data on virtually all structures, facilities and equipment within USA’s corrosion program using the CONSULEX®- developed database and reporting tools which Jacobs has continued. In addition, the company provided NACE Certified inspection services, on an as-required basis, to augment the USA inspection staff capabilities during peak construction periods.

Services were provided on a unit rate basis and through annual software maintenance contracts. CONSULEX® was awarded a new contract in March of 2018 and continues providing corrosion control support services.