Koch Pipeline/Flint Hills Resources Support Contract

CONSULEX® has provided corrosion control and protective coating expertise to Koch Pipeline/Flint Hills Resources in support of a large number of the company’s assets, including oil and gas pipelines, storage tanks, and distribution systems.

CONSULEX® has been working with KP/FHR for nearly 10 years as a contractor performing services to maintain their assets; and has developed the written standards for their corrosion program, as well as individual specifications for various sites. CONSULEX®’s NACE Certified coatings inspectors have been present for a large number of coatings projects to act as third-party quality control, providing valuable real-time data to the client in the form of daily data collection and reporting. The written standards have become a cornerstone in the client’s corrosion program; and have been used on every project since their development.

NACE Certified Inspection

The CONSULEX® project scope included development of the written standards and specifications and pipeline and tank NACE inspection. Technical staff members provided general corrosion and protective coating guidance in support of the overall project design.